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It’s a new year and a new school- but one critical part of our program’s success is TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. I expect that my students will be showing family at home what they’re doing. I expect the parents to challenge their kids- AND ME- to reach higher than we have. We are all in this together. I want kids showing off and being challenged to do better.

Remember, what happens on the internet STAYS on the internet! Start building your brand NOW. Start prepping for the career you want NOW! Figure out who you want to be and then BE WHO YOU ARE!!

The whole world can see your class work.¬†They can compare it to others.You get to shine here! Show the world you’re a GAMR, not a LAMER! ūüėČ



Choose the class you want to see (for GAMRS who have updated since we took a blog snapshot) and get the latest pull from the class blog lists. If your blog isn’t showing up… maybe you should consider completing the early missions?



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