Welcome to the GRID

**You enter a HUGE room with this distressed city graphic covering the walls. You see the words “WELCOME TO THE GRID” floating in a hologram above you in the middle of the room. 

The rest of the kids that you’ve seen wandering around like you all file in and everyone is nervously waiting. Some are talking. Some quietly wait.

And then that voice again…”




The grid stands for the “Graphics, Research, & Individual Development” program.


As the name implies, The GRID program is here to help you develop certain skillsets related to communication, the ability to research and learn on your own, and to help you “Earn your ‘E'” and become a GAMER– a  Graphics And Media Expert Resource. You will -if successful-  be a skilled individual united with us in our mission:


To destroy the insidious forces of apathy and ugliness. 

Before you can join us, you’ll need to be a GAMR– (Graphics And Media Recruit). Note the missing “E”. Some of the team (heck, most of the team) doesn’t like calling you that yet… They’ll call you a “Booter” because you’re still in boot camp. The only way to move past just playing games in training and actually get to start fighting with us is to pass the GAMR Boot Camp. Boot camp will give you all the skills you need to recognize, improvise, and overcome the enemy.


And, of course, a GAMR must be in a GAME (Graphics and Media Experiment). This experimental program will prepare you to release your skills and become ready to fight against an enemy that will, if not stopped, destroy you and the people around you. Beware the enemy- it is contagious.



You will be part of a cohort– a group of individuals with specific… “skill sets.” We want to help train you to develop this  skill set into a powerful collection of abilities. You are the first recruits at this new base. You will be Alpha cohort.


Though each of you are unique, you are also very similar in certain ways, you have abilities to go far beyond what many people your age can do. You have always known this. Many of you have memories of very small unusual things that happened to you as a child that seemed inexplicable, like you had a super-natural ability. Most of you have made up a story in your mind of how it was imaginary.


But it wasn’t.


You can do more than most people. You can grow faster and go farther in your abilities and skills than almost everyone you know. You have the natural ability to do so.  All you have to do is focus. Pay attention and develop your skill. Some of you will wash out… But all that do simply give up. All of you are here because it has been proven that you can complete this training.


If you don’t complete this training and become a GAMER- it’s a choice. It’s NOT because you can’t. It’s because you just won’t.


That doesn’t mean all of you will. Some will lose to the enemy. We have ways to save them, but they have to embrace the rehabilitation process (REboot camp). If they don’t, we will lose a team member.


Your cohort will be opened and revealed soon to you once orientation is over.



***The lights dim a little, and then you just see a small holographic message above a door with a single light shining on it. You look around at everyone else, and they look just as unsure as you are. Everyone is just standing there.

Then you decide that since somebody has to be first, it might as well be you… You walk to the door, and push it open to walk through before you lose the courage…**


For now… Go meet the TEAM.
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