Find Your Inner GAMR

**You enter another room with 25 dark eggs. Each one has an opening- it’s like some kind of weird photo booth but only one person can fit. Then you hear the same voice as before**

You need to find your inner gamer. Some of you think you can’t make it. Some of you think you don’t have what it takes.


You do.


There is no such thing as someone with no artistic skill. There are only those that have never taken enough time to sit and get through the necessary failures. Sometimes you just have to be able to see it to believe it.


Take a little time to explore with a simple art tool and figure out how you look under the shell you see in the mirror.


**You notice that one of the eggs lights up inside with a dim blue light. You approach it- slowly. When you get closer, you feel like someone whispers your name into your ear from behind you.  Startled, you turn around…

Nobody is there. You get a nervous chill and a sinking feeling in your stomach. Then, you hear a small chime from within the egg behind you. You slowly turn around and enter it and notice a screen…**


Create an Avatar that represents you- the REAL you.  Save the image when you are done to you “My Pictures” folder. Take some time to explore. It should look good- remember, there will be NO mediocrity or laziness in the GAME!

Do not spend more than 30 minutes here. We expect creativity, but also exploration, curiosity, and progress.


Enter The Hero Machine


**After creating and saving your avatar, you exit the egg and see another door… **



Recruit, we need to determine if you have the fearlessness and sense of adventure to succeed in our program. We have developed a test that has been used in our organization for over 30 years.

Enter The Time Portal. This is how it looked when we were your age.

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