***You walk into this large room with about 25 other kids you saw in the orientation, and you see these weird hourglass shaped pods. Everyone stands near one- there are enough that everyone has their own station. It’s basically a computer interface with a keyboard and screen. You’re told to pay attention and follow along EXACTLY by a recorded voice that automatically starts to speak when you get near the station. Sid is there, apparently in charge of this process.

Dang, the guy really gives you the creeps still. You get the feeling that making a mistake around this guy would be a bad thing. 

A very bad thing.***


Welcome to the GRID Registration, recruits. This process gets you checked in and your account added. If you have completed the application and are ready to get your training started, You’re in the right place.

There’s a couple steps we need to take to get things rolling. FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY.

  • If your username is entered wrong- I’ll delete your account.
  • If your name is not entered correctly- I’ll delete your account.
  • If your password is not entered correctly, I’ll delete your account.



 ***You notice that the guy gets that fire effect even more strongly when he’s getting angry… Then he has to calm himself down. He takes a deep breath again and closes his eyes. It’s dead silent in the room, and everyone’s afraid to make a move that might disturb Sid. 

Just stand still, and don’t make a noise that might draw his attention.

He starts to talk again after almost two full minutes.***


The link below will open a registration page in a new window. Open that window and then come back to this page to get the instructions.

Click here to open the registration page in a new window.




You can pause videos that are playing in the grid with the SPACEBAR!!


Get your account set up on the GRID. After signing up, close the registration page you just opened and come back here.


Here’s info you might find handy:

YOUR USERNAME: p##########  (replace the #’s with your student number)


EMAIL HAS CHANGED SINCE THE VIDEO WAS RECORDED!! We’ve talked about this- you gotta READ and WATCH. This information you are reading now is the updated, newest info.

(you can also use your email, but you won’t get email from the site. Thanks to Sabby L for the tip to use D2L email! AWESOME!!!)



Click and watch the directions.



When you’re done,  talk to TOP and have him log you into the grid. 


Registered and talked to top?? You just might make it yet… Let’s see if you can follow this important step!!!




LOGIN and set your class and computer number.

  • 2nd Period is 1516D

  • 3rd period is 1516E

  • 4th period is 1516F

Here's how to do it. (always click links when you encounter them)

Check that you entered your period properly! If you did… You’re DONE!!


Done with that? Well great- you can follow very simple instructions.





Now, move forward with your first mission! Missions will always look like this:

What We’re About

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