Hey Party People!

So guess what?!?! BOOT IS OVER!!! Most of you seem to be on track to finish up right, and you’re in great shape! This week, you begin Photoshop- my favorite application. I know a little bit about it. And YOU are so lucky to be at this awesome school that provides you with a laptop and Industry standard software and training! Super Cool!

So this week it’s simple- Begin Photoshop. By wednesday you should have taken the pre-test and finished an image or two. By friday, I expect that you’ll be done with Photoshop Mission Alpha

Want some cool extra credit to level up with this project? Bring in your OWN photos to edit and fix up this week! Finish the projects and then edit your own slightly damaged photos (or find online) and use the tools discussed in the class to fix the image!


This is where the Phun begins (see what I did there?) Start on Photoshop Mission Alpha. By Wednesday I expect that you’ll be done with videos 1.01-1.06. This can easily be done in 2 class periods! Knock it down!!!

If you’re still not done with boot- KNOCK IT DOWN!!! As soon as you’re done, the class gets way more fun!

FOR AWESOME ON ALPHA– Have Photoshop project 1 started!

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