Yo party people!

You should be well on your way to Photoshop Fun! last week you should have knocked down project 1 on, and this week we work on Project 2… one of the most popular projects we have for Photoshop!



Photoshop Project Bravo
This week you’ll be working on fixing an old photo and restoring it!

You should get through video 2.09 for session Alpha, and have a couple colors on your ballerina done by wednesday!


Finishup Gramdma’s quest


Finish up fixing and coloring the image in the Photoshop Bravo mission.

You should restore all the damage, and color the photo! Make it look great!

Want a bonus mission? Find another image that is torn or damaged and restore that image. Use the same tools that you learned this mission to fix it and make it look great! Need help finding a damaged photo?


Spirit week- school event info!

Use the following link to purchase your tickets for the April 9 Day in the Den.  Tickets are just $10.00  Only the first 50 people to purchase will be able to attend so don’t get left out – buy your tickets today!

Use the second link to go to the estore and buy your spirit shirt before the next Spirit Week – March 14-17.  Make sure you select your appropriate grade so the money goes to the correct account and your class gets the spirit points – and so you get the right shirt.


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