We’re nearing the end. Your goal now is to achieve industry certification in Adobe Photoshop.

You’ve prepped for it for almost 3 months now, and it’s time to bear down and focus on that certification! Our timeline makes it tough sometimes, but I know you guys can do it! You have the same amount of class time as any other student in the district!

Work diligently toward your certification. Right now, everyone is at a B. Get your certification and it moves to an A without question! You’ve obviously learned it all if you have industry certification! However, you can also get an A if you’re doing what you should- working harder and showing more diligence than 90% of your peers!

If you don’t reach the industry certification- that’s perfectly OK! You can still get an A by simply having the following:

  • A creative Photoshop project done every week demonstrating various skills learned in the lessons. Don’t be a 1 trick pony and have 10 images with the same tricks. Expand and learn!
  • 2 GOYO or LOYO missions (GOYO+ med and LOYO+) for each week of class. You should be finding your own interests and letting me know what you’re learning and thinking about!
  • All work documented on your Portfolio by the week
  • Weekly SITREPS explaining what you did every day. Make it clear that you were busy and working hard every day!

Without that, you won’t demonstrate that you’ve earned an A- that is what excellence looks like! The shortcut is the Certification- but it is NOT the only way!


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