Document GRID Entry

aaairepHey Booter!

You're doing pretty good I see... nice shiny badge you got there! Maybe you're not so bad...


Let's see if you can travel back in time... Up for it?


This will be your first medium mission, so you'll notice that the rewards are bigger. Make sure you earn it!

You'll get double the reward for this as you do for the smaller ones- So I expect double the focus!

The first week you guys did the LOBBY where you did some games and created a character... remember?


Write a post called "The Lobby to the GRID" and talk about the games you played, what you liked, screenshot your character, etc... Remember, you get double credit for this one... so make sure it's kinda complete. You need to prove that you participated in those games. Add screenshots for any high scores you had!

When that's done, mark it complete.

Now, for mastery, Do the same thing with another post called "The Orientation to the GRID. "



Post about the program intro, the character you researched the other day, and explain what you think about your favorite character, what their job is on the TEAM, and you can even take a guess at how they got their names! (some easy, others not).


When that's documented- mark it mastered! Remember- I always expect images on the pages!!!


Once you have that blog post documented, GET THE DOCUMENT LINK FOR YOUR POST AND PASTE IT IN THE BOX BELOW. (Here's how) You can not claim mastery without a blog post!


Maybe you're not so bad... I just might give you a break soon, booter.


But don't hold your breath!

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