Photoshop ALPHA Mission

xanthicHello Young One-

You are about to embark on a creative mission.


If you don't think you are, then please visit my page again. I shared some information about creativity. Edi also knows much of this by taking risks. Creativity requires you to aim high and stretch your fins.



Are you ready to learn to create beauty?

Nice to have you on this journey across the sea of creativity.

You will now learn to use a creative tool known as Photoshop. You are about to learn this tool with the same instruction that the top certifying schools in the world use. You will learn everything you need to know.

Open the portal below, and then come back here to read tips on how to score highest in the GAME.


What you must do is complete the first project. Please read the introduction. You will remember more if you take the pretest BEFORE AND AFTER doing the project. This has been proven. Taking 10 minutes now to take the test before learning will make the ideas stick when you learn them. They will stick more when you take the test again afterward. Don't fear the test. This test does not judge you, it prepares and helps you.

Top will give extra credit if you take the test before and after and have  screenshots of both. Be sure to include the system clock in the screenshots.

It is best to watch the videos full screen, not split. You will also need to use your headphones. Many answers are spoken, and can not be seen without also listening.


I also recommend that you learn to use ALT-TAB to switch between the videos and the application. It is the best way to work. When you have the Photoshop interface set to half screen, it's very difficult to navigate the interface and some of the buttons will not show in half screen mode.

When working on Photoshop, take a few screenshots of your progress and interesting things you did. 

Complete the first photoshop project in basic photo tweaks and then come back here and mark the mission complete to master the mission.



Well done young one! Please accept this gift!

This is beautiful growth.


Let us now share this with the world- Share all you have learned, your progress and simulation test scores- as well as your photoshop work with the world on your Portfolio. Put it in the Photoshop Category and make a catlist for Photoshop on a Photoshop page on your blog. (remember how?) Then you may master this project and claim your reward.


Beautifully done! Now move through the next project and learn to travel through time!

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