Post Progress SITREPs

seizen***You feel a little breeze behind you like the Air Conditioning just turned on in the room but you don't hear anything. You keep working for a minute or so but you start getting the feeling you're being watched... CLOSELY.

You slowly turn and there she is again. How the heck does she do that? One minute you're alone, the next minute she's right behind you as still as a statue and as quiet as a stone! ***

You must learn the way of Posting your Progress.

Welcome Young One! I see you have done much since we last spoke! You have learned many things and done so by walking the True Path. I am very proud of you, Visitor.

You must learn now the way to report to those who must know your progress. We must know what it is that you have done in your missions and when you have done these things. This is to know your path and aide you in your progress.

NOTE 2: The example shows me entering 1314 for the school year. For you, enter the proper year for your time in BOOT. 


 HERE IS HOW YOU MUST POST YOUR WEEKLY PROGRESS SITREPS Note from Topoops... I said you should have weeks 1,2,3, & 4 in the video. That may not be true for you. Catch up to whatever week it is and then always be sure to post a new SITREP at the end of each week. 


You must create a SITREP for each week of school so far. This is new for you, but we have an AMAZING GAMR who has created a wonderful TRUE PATH for us to follow.

 FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF THIS GAMR AND INCLUDE TOP'S TWEAK of copying and pasting all missions from that week. 

Is your q1 sitreps page messed up and showing all your posts?


THIS GAMR KNOWS THE TRUE PATH!!! Follow this example- write with similar detail, depth, and voice. This GAMR knows the true way and writes with true words.

Once you have a sitrep for each week of school so far, you can mark this mission complete.

Here's the summary of our weeks already done so far:

WEEK1- RETHINKING SCHOOL - (Top's Example - Student Example)

1415.A.2- BOOT BEGINS -  (Student Example)


Wonderfully done Visitor. You are on the way.

You already know the path for this. Create a post in the BOOT category of your blog with the same title as this mission. Once done, enter the shortlink and you may mark this mission complete!

Wonderfully done. You are on the true path and you are writing with true words. Stay in the truth and do not veer far from the path, Young One.


*** And then in a blur- she just... vanishes. 

And not surprisingly, without a sound. ***

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